Putting the Cart before the Bulls +top ten teams you need League Pass to watch

All 82 Chicago Bulls games can be seen on WGN in the Chicagoland area and parts of Wisconsin and Indiana save for blackouts.  My apologies to my Illinois people, but the Bulls have been wrongfully granted 31 nationally televised matchups! Compare that with 25 Orlando games or 24 Laker games and you’ll see that we don’t need to see the so-so bulls that much.  The NBA is always trying to get their top marquee matchups into the swing of the revenue share and people loved last years BOS-CHI playoff OT-fest.  I think what might happen with this schedule, however, will have the opposite effect: a mediocre team will be exposed.  We will be changing the channel.

Chicago features no all-stars, potential all-stars, rookie-of-the-year candidates or any other candidates except for comeback player of the year in Luol Deng -I hope you started him and got your 24pts 20reb 2blks he hung on Milwaukee Tuesday night.  Speaking of which, the Bulls erased a 14-point halftime deficit to win by two surviving an at-the-buzzer winning 3-point attempt by Ersan Iilyasova that looked like he was shooting blindfolded.  The Bulls couldn’t score or make a single freethrow on the two previous possesions where they could’ve put the game away. *sigh*

This is what we have to look forward to 31 times.  Meanwhile other, better or more fun to watch (have an intriguing rookie, etc.) teams got the shaft.  Here’s my top ten teams with highest [we wanna watch : games nationally televised] ratios:

10.  Miami Heat 22 total NT-games, A rejuvenated Jermaine O’neal, a stupidly talented Michael Beasley,  D-Wade and some satisfying role players get a considerable amount of coverage but it is well deserved.

9. Golden State Warriors 11 total NT-games, Word has it that Anthony Randolph is worth watching.  Hmm, I think most people are interested to see how Steph Curry pans out but it will take years to rebuild the excitment of B-Diddy, J-Rich and Captain Jack.

8. Washington Wizards, 15 total NT-games, Gilbert Arenas.

7.  LA Clippers, 12 total NT-games, Blake Griffin.  This team is close to being relavant again.  Give them one more season to be knocking on the door of the 8th seed.

6. New Orleans Hornets, 15 NT-games, These guys are a legit playoff squad in the west.  CP3 and a motivated Emeka Okafor make these guys interesting.  David West and some decent role players will keep this team in every game this season.

5. Minnesota Timberwolves, 3 NT-games,Almost knocked off the supposedly ‘mighty’ Cavs but don’t have a W or Ricky Rubio to show for it.  Jonny Flynn is playing as predicted, however.

4. Milwaukee Bucks, 1NBATV, Brandon Jennings ROY show, plus: which contender wants to take on Michael Redd’s sick offensive game and an overall nice guy (ran out of good things to say) and further shake up Milwaukee’s roster?  Plus, watch the bucks piss off big market teams fans saying ‘we lost to the Bucks!?’ prediction: 35 wins, miss playoffs and shot at John Wall in next year’s draft.

3. Toronto Raptors, All games NT in Canada 1ESPN, Don’t miss Hedo Turkoglu bobble head night! This team has a legitimate superstar in Chris Bosh and a glut of international stars -can’t we import a little more Raptors bball?

2. Memphis Grizzlies, 1NBATV, 1TNT Mon., Don’t sleep on A.I., set to return this week. Plus ZBo has always been a beast.  O.J. Mayo, Rudy Gay rookies Hasheem Thabeet, DerMarre Carroll and Sam Young.  On a sad note, rookie forward Trey Gilder was waived this morning.

1. OKC Thunder 2NBATV 1 ESPN Wed., Come on now, this is a playoff team waiting to happen.  Add Silky James Harden to Kevin Durant, Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook.  Don’t trade for a veteran, ride the youngest team in the NBA into the playoffs.  NBA, wheres the coverage!?


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